smutty Saturday returns!

Well, it's been a very long time since I indulged in one of my favorite hobbies - romance novels and of course, posting delicious passages here in my scandalous mini-series known as Smutty Saturdays.  You probably thought that I'd gone all legit and serious minded.  Silly you. Though, in all honesty, I should do something about … Continue reading smutty Saturday returns!

Smutty Saturday

It's that time again - others might be obsessed with sizzling bacon on a Saturday, but like other things that sizzle.  Lucky for you, today is dedicated to all things hot and sizzling in romance novels -  that's right, it's time for Smutty Saturday. 🙂 Today's fun smut comes from Cherrie Lynn's "Leave me breathless," the … Continue reading Smutty Saturday