Smutty Saturdays

Ah yes, a smutty quote or a smutty scene can brighten up any day. But Saturdays are the day we enjoy them most. Why?  Because on Saturday, you get to read your smut while loafing about at home…instead of on the metro, where that weird guy keeps leaning over your shoulder to infringe on your novel’s sex scene.  Seriously dude, so not cool.


Today’s selection of smut comes from Nora Robert’s second book in the Dark Witch Series, “Shadow Spell,” which I love, of course. 🙂

“He touched where she ached to be touched, tasted where she longed for his lips.  And found other secret places she hadn’t known longed for attention.  The inside of her elbow, the back of her knee, the inside of her wrist.  He murmured to her, sweet words that reached into her heart.  Another light to glow.” – “Shadow Spell,” by Nora Roberts

Yep, no one writes a love scene like Nora Roberts.  Sweet, sweet, romantic smut. 😉

I hope you all enjoy the weekend!  Happy reading. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Smutty Saturdays”

  1. I spent the last hour googling, because I was trying to find the only Nora Roberts novel I read…turns out it was Hidden Fires by Sandra Brown. Oops.


    1. Sandra Brown is good too, but definitely check out Nora Roberts – she’s so great with everything – description, dialogue, characterization, plot, and prose. Seriously, she’s got to be the best romance writer.


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