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A quiet place – review

DVOikE9V4AEalKXCan I tell you a secret?  I’m secretly a fan of horror.

It’s true.  Although, I can only take so much of it before I get a little afraid of the dark (and have been known to follow up horror with cartoons to lighten the mood).  When I was young, I loved books by R.L Stein, and thought I should make the jump to reading real horror stories.  This proved to be a mistake (as it gave my vivid imagination a little too much fuel).

But horror movies can be so delicious.  Those little jumps of being startled, the strange humor that often weaves it’s way into the story, the characters, the plots – yes.  I love well done horror.  But I can be a bit of a snob.

“A Quiet Place” is really well done horror.   It’s short, fast paced, and so rich in its story and yes, even sound.  I love the strong and interesting characters, I loved how they communicated with each other – not only sign language, but the things they actually said.  I loved the way the characters seemed to communicate with the audience – the use of eyes (reminded me of the way eyes are used in silent films) was really well done.

And seeing it in the movie theater was a whole experience of itself.  In a theater where loud sounds almost vibrate the walls, I found myself – for the first time – hearing someone cough or crumple a candy wrapper.  It heightened the story and made me wonder what it must have been like when theaters played movies didn’t have sound.  It was truly – at least for me – a new experience.

So, make sure you check it out, especially when it’s still in theaters. Just don’t eat anything too loud. :p


Reading recommendations (because if I made time to read them, you know they’re good)

I don’t always get to read as much as I’d like…

Let me start over – if I read as much as I’d like to, I’d have little time for anything else.  (I’m pretty sure the most important things – eating, drinking, and bathroom necessities I can do with one handed while reading.)  Between school, work, and a limited social life, I don’t get too much time.  But every once in awhile, there comes a glimmer of time – a few days, a glorious week perhaps, in which I can read.

The last two weeks I was able to partake in some blissful reading (YAY!!!!) and I know I’m late to the party on some of these, but here are some of my favorites from the last two weeks.  If you haven’t picked them up yet, you may want to – they’re good for beach reads, train rides, plane rides, or even one-handed necessities of life.  Enjoy!

1. The girl on the train

The girl on the train is a thriller that will take you on a ride (see what I did there, clev-er) 51zHXiTRq3L._SX319_BO1,204,203,200_through the events surrounding a woman’s disappearance told through the eyes of three narrators.  Most of the time we follow Rachel, who is struggling to get her life together after a divorce and gets kind of ….well, a bit obsessed with the disappearance of a stranger.

This booooooook! OMG this book!  I feel like I need to do a whole separate post on topics that sprung to my mind while reading this book.  The writer in me would love to go on about the views of different narrators and reliability of narrators (yes, on and on forever about the technique and why it can be so good when it’s done just right).  Another part of me would like to talk to you about starting over after a divorce and emotional issues.  But, alas, these are topics for another day.

The girl on the train is a great thriller and a very fast read.  Check it out before you go to the beach or travel for vacation, you won’t be disappointed.


2. Eligible 

Eligible is a modern day Pride and Prejudice that takes place in Cincinnati.  Liz and Jane 41hnYP26jjL._SX327_BO1,204,203,200_flew the nest long ago to go to NYC, but find themselves back in Cincinnati due to their dad’s health issues.  Being back in town puts them the middle of aging parent drama, sibling drama, and oh yes, thrusts them into the paths of Bingley and Darcy. <sigh> Oh Darcy…

I love Pride and Prejudice – I love the original and I love many of the many revamps that have come along recently.  This version had a lot of fresh takes on the old themes and a few new twists and turns – including the reality tv and not friends with benefits.

If you enjoy revamping of P&P or romance novels in general, you should pick this one up (I’m talking to you, Andrea). 🙂


3.  Marrying Winterborne

I love romance novels, I really, really do.  I used to call them cotton candy for my brain, 51gjzFcgesL._SX308_BO1,204,203,200_fluffy, sugary, and just all around good fun.  If you haven’t read any of Kleypas’ other books, I’d strongly recommend It happened one autumn and A devil in winter.  Marrying Winterborne is a book in a later and somewhat related series.  You don’t have to read the Wallflower series first.  But you should check them out if you like Kleypas’ style.

Marrying Winterborne follows Rhys Winterborne, a self-made man who owns a large and successful department store, and Helen – a woman from old money with a few secrets and who is trying to find (and assert) herself.  A lot of romance novels deal with the beginnings of a relationship – the flirtation, sometimes distrust, the infatuation, and eventual love.  This book instead deals with the deepening of a relationship and finding yourself, which was refreshing. I haven’t read the book before this one (Cold-hearted Rake), where these two actually meet (though it focuses on another couple), but it’s on my to be read list for sure.


Happy reading! 🙂

Binge TV Review – The Fall

“The Fall,” a binge watching review (thanks to the magic of Netflix)

Stella Gibson is a Metropolitan Police Superintendent, who is tasked with investigating a recent murder of a young, brunette woman in Belfast.  But it isn’t long before Stella realizes that she’s got a serial killer on her hands.

Paul Spector is a grief counsellor, a husband, a doting father…and a murderer – who first breaks into women’s apartments and then later returns to murder them.   

 Oh Netflix, have I told you lately that I love you?  But I digress, let’s talk about Gillian Anderson’s new series, “The Fall.”  

Side note: I have always been a sucker for crime/mystery genre, and have been known to binge watch Investigation Discovery – informative murder porn for those of you who watch South Park…I’ve also called it “the trust channel,” since it is so not good at helping my trust issues. :p

Anyway, the fall has everything a crime drama junkie like me loves – excellent plot, clever investigator tracking down the criminal, well developed and multidimensional characters (including the bad guy)…as well as extras I wasn’t expecting – strong female lead, social commentary, and <yay!> feminist undertones!

One more point of interest, I don’t know about you, but when I think of Gillian Anderson, I think of Scully –



 and the awesomeness of 90’s style Scully suits.  I loved the X-Files (actually, still do – I watch old episodes all the time) and there is a special place in my heart for Scully.  

So, when I first pressed play to watch “The Fall,” I expected to see awesome Scully.  Instead, I got feisty & feminist Stella Gibson.


Way different look and way different character.  But still a strong, smart, and clever woman.  

Though I do feel like when faced with the smart, take-no-bullshit, kick ass Stella Gibson even the smoking man would have fallen into line…


lol.  Sorry.  But it’s true and now Stella Gibson has a special place in my heart for kick ass feminism and all around bad assery. 

Five out of five stars, you should totally  check out “The Fall!”