To sir, with love

Return of the summer music series - stuck in the car with Leesha Summer has returned, and with it comes those long road trips accompanied by "are we there yet?" and "do we have to listen to this song?"  Or in my case, scream-singing lyrics (with lots of solos), discussing the meaning of songs, and … Continue reading To sir, with love


Two tickets to paradise

For the first time in over two years, I'm going on a real vacation.  I'm excited, but I'm also really nervous... Excited because, well, who isn't excited to have a vacation from the every day grind of work (and school, for me) and responsibility? Nervous because...I'm not traveling alone.  It's the first time in over … Continue reading Two tickets to paradise

First Series – Part 2

Firsts Series  In honor of the coming one year anniversary of this blog, I'm detailing some of my firsts. 🙂 First Epic Heartbreak Sigh.  Yes, it was bound to happen at some point, especially with how easily I fell for people back in the day.   But I digress, let's set the stage, shall we? It … Continue reading First Series – Part 2

Conversations in Transit

This week, I was a bad blogger.  😦  But this was because of a last-minute business trip and a crazy week (I know - excuses, excuses).  I often travel for business and I've found that sometimes, I have pretty good conversations with strangers that sit next to me on planes.  So, I decided to catalogue one … Continue reading Conversations in Transit