It’s all about the accessories (GOT 6.1 Review)

Last night was the much-anticipated release of Season 6 of Game of Thrones and the show's writers updated us on the many storylines, which didn't really help to advance the plot on any of them, as a lot of the characters are more or less where we left them.  To recap: Arya is still blind (for … Continue reading It’s all about the accessories (GOT 6.1 Review)

Binge TV Review – The Fall

"The Fall," a binge watching review (thanks to the magic of Netflix) Stella Gibson is a Metropolitan Police Superintendent, who is tasked with investigating a recent murder of a young, brunette woman in Belfast.  But it isn't long before Stella realizes that she's got a serial killer on her hands.Paul Spector is a grief counsellor, … Continue reading Binge TV Review – The Fall