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It’s all about the accessories (GOT 6.1 Review)

Last night was the much-anticipated release of Season 6 of Game of Thrones and the show’s writers updated us on the many storylines, which didn’t really help to advance the plot on any of them, as a lot of the characters are more or less where we left them.  To recap:

  1. Arya is still blind (for now).
  2. Margaery is still in prison (for now). Sidenote: Did anyone else get a weird lecherous vibe off of the high sparrow when he visited her?
  3. Daenerys is still in need of rescuing and Jorah and Daario are still looking for her (again, for now).
  4. Cersei still hasn’t exacted her revenge (say it with me, “for now”).
  5. And Jon is still dead (please please please, only for now).

<Sigh>  And it seemed like this episode was really short.  But, we do still have a GoT inspired knowledge to add to our lessons learned pile:

I mean, really, they can.  Who knew that a necklace could offset a cloak so well?

Predictions (because, why not? Everyone else has one.)

  • Arya will get her vision back – because, duh. And also because the red woman alluded to it a few seasons ago when they met.
  • Lady Mel will bring Jon Snow back (because otherwise, I will cry).  But I’m guessing it won’t be for a few episodes yet. 
  • Sansa is going to amass an army of sorts and storm Winterfell (is it too much to hope that she or Theon gets to kill Ramsay?).
  • The house of widows & Daenerys – I’m hoping she can free those ladies. And that some of them are witty – not lame and depressing.
  • Jaime Lannister might die. I know, I know. But I feel like I need a crazy one in here. And also, now that most things/people keeping he and Cersei apart have been removed…I feel like that story arc may get kind of boring.
  • Winter is coming – I mean, they keep saying it, so it’s bound to happen at sometime.  Maybe this season’s finale will have the white walkers approaching Castle Black. 

Also, for giant foodie nerds like me – you can nosh on Game of Thrones inspired foods whilst watching the new season.  I tried out some delicious carb options that I found from the Google machine 🙂  and I highly recommend them –

  • Bread and salt – be sure to start this a few hours before you’re ready to watch as the dough has to rise a few times before putting it in the oven.
  • Honeycakes – which I’ve officially nicknamed Sansa-Cakes, since she liked them so much last season and they’re seriously a show stealer (as she’s likely to be this season). 



Binge TV Review – The Fall

“The Fall,” a binge watching review (thanks to the magic of Netflix)

Stella Gibson is a Metropolitan Police Superintendent, who is tasked with investigating a recent murder of a young, brunette woman in Belfast.  But it isn’t long before Stella realizes that she’s got a serial killer on her hands.

Paul Spector is a grief counsellor, a husband, a doting father…and a murderer – who first breaks into women’s apartments and then later returns to murder them.   

 Oh Netflix, have I told you lately that I love you?  But I digress, let’s talk about Gillian Anderson’s new series, “The Fall.”  

Side note: I have always been a sucker for crime/mystery genre, and have been known to binge watch Investigation Discovery – informative murder porn for those of you who watch South Park…I’ve also called it “the trust channel,” since it is so not good at helping my trust issues. :p

Anyway, the fall has everything a crime drama junkie like me loves – excellent plot, clever investigator tracking down the criminal, well developed and multidimensional characters (including the bad guy)…as well as extras I wasn’t expecting – strong female lead, social commentary, and <yay!> feminist undertones!

One more point of interest, I don’t know about you, but when I think of Gillian Anderson, I think of Scully –



 and the awesomeness of 90’s style Scully suits.  I loved the X-Files (actually, still do – I watch old episodes all the time) and there is a special place in my heart for Scully.  

So, when I first pressed play to watch “The Fall,” I expected to see awesome Scully.  Instead, I got feisty & feminist Stella Gibson.


Way different look and way different character.  But still a strong, smart, and clever woman.  

Though I do feel like when faced with the smart, take-no-bullshit, kick ass Stella Gibson even the smoking man would have fallen into line…


lol.  Sorry.  But it’s true and now Stella Gibson has a special place in my heart for kick ass feminism and all around bad assery. 

Five out of five stars, you should totally  check out “The Fall!”