Are developmental edits worth it?

One of the most common questions we ask as writers is - how much editing should I do? We know first drafts are hardly ever (I don't want to say never, but really, pretty much never) fit for publication.  But how do you know when your work is ready (or even simply good enough)? I've heard other … Continue reading Are developmental edits worth it?


Agent Queries…

I did it.  I participated in the pitch slam this summer and got good feedback - including requests for the first 50 pages of my novel and a request for the whole thing. <Gasp!> I, of course, freaked out and spent the last month re-ediitng...but hey, that's how we writers work, isn't it? But tonight....tonight, … Continue reading Agent Queries…

Writing with Strangers

Writing with Strangers                              ...also known as Alicia's adventures with writer's groups and Meetup It's advice that you've no doubt heard before - in order to successfully write, you need to commit to writing on a regular basis.  Sounds simple enough.  Though any … Continue reading Writing with Strangers