Slaughterhouse five – Review

Banned Book Review - "Slaughterhouse five, or The Children's Crusade: A Duty-Dance with Death" Earlier this year, I decided to participate in the Banned Books Challenge to broaden my horizons and read so many of the books that I've always meant to read. I started the year with "The Things They Carried," a collection of short … Continue reading Slaughterhouse five – Review

Banned Review “The Things They Carried”

Book Review:  "They Things They Carried" You can probably tell from my blog, but I don't usually read the more serious books.  The type of books I usually read - romance, mysteries, thrillers - are like cotton candy for my brain.  They may not be nutritious, but I can't stop myself from gobbling them up. … Continue reading Banned Review “The Things They Carried”

Banned Review “A light in the attic”

Banned Book Review:  "A Light in the Attic," by Shel Silverstein In honor of the many children's books that have made ALA's most challenged books list, I decided to start my banned books challenge with one of my favorite authors growing up - Shel Silverstein and his "A Light in the Attic." When I was a … Continue reading Banned Review “A light in the attic”