writer problems #3 – meeting your characters

So, let's pretend you're a writer (or if you are one, just be you) - you've spent months developing characters and putting them in all kinds of fun (and not fun) situations.  You've spent so much time at that wooden table at your local coffee place that you glare at interlopers if they dare sit … Continue reading writer problems #3 – meeting your characters

Thoughts on classic lit: Walden

Reading classic literature can enrich our lives.  But sometimes it's fun to sass it.  After all, life is better with sass. Walden - Summary:   Old hipster takes a sabbatical from modern life and dedicates his time to old-timey blogging of the experience.  Hates most house guests.  Good quotes and perhaps the genesis of the writer's … Continue reading Thoughts on classic lit: Walden

Writer Problems: Still writing?

As writers, we face a lot of problems - intense Google searches, embarrassing Google searches, hours-long Etsy searches (I promise, this DOES have to deal with writing)... One problem is the dreaded (though actually supportive) question: "so, are you still writing?" <sigh> Maybe it's just a dreaded question for me lately, as I've fallen off … Continue reading Writer Problems: Still writing?