Random Grammar Tip #2

Grammar tips – brought to you by a random non-grammarian.


We all struggle with grammar sometimes.  Texting is the most common venue for grammar fuck-ups and the worst is messing up: they’re, there, and their.  I know the difference and yet sometimes quick fingers make a fool of me too.

But, in case you don’t know the difference:

They’re = they are.  Side note: apostrophes can be used to signal the deletion of a letter (or several letters) for contractions.  For example, we place the apostrophe in they’re because we removed the “a” from “they are.”

Their = (possessive pronoun) it belongs to them.

There = not here, but there…over there. Waaaay over there.

If you wanted to use them all:   They’re driving their car there.   Or:  Their hubris led the way and now they’re stuck there.

🙂  I invite you to try to create some examples…it was kind of fun, in a very nerdy way.

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