smutty Saturday returns!

Well, it's been a very long time since I indulged in one of my favorite hobbies - romance novels and of course, posting delicious passages here in my scandalous mini-series known as Smutty Saturdays.  You probably thought that I'd gone all legit and serious minded.  Silly you. Though, in all honesty, I should do something about … Continue reading smutty Saturday returns!

Read a Romance Month

The steamy month of August also happens to be Read a Romance Month.  Yep, consider this a mid-month reminder or a call to read one for the very first time. 🙂 Was that an eye-roll I sensed from some of you readers? I'm sure it was.  Why?  Because romance is one of the most shat-upon genres. … Continue reading Read a Romance Month

Reading recommendations (because if I made time to read them, you know they’re good)

I don't always get to read as much as I'd like... Let me start over - if I read as much as I'd like to, I'd have little time for anything else.  (I'm pretty sure the most important things - eating, drinking, and bathroom necessities I can do with one handed while reading.)  Between school, … Continue reading Reading recommendations (because if I made time to read them, you know they’re good)

Quotables – Challenge Day 1

Today's quote is from a poem by Pablo Neruda: "I want to do with you what spring does with the cherry trees." Ah, how I love this quote - it's so romantic that it makes my chest squeeze. To me, it means having the kind of relationship where you cherish each other and support one another … Continue reading Quotables – Challenge Day 1

Romance Genre Guide to Getting Over Your Ex

The Romance Genre Guide to Getting Over your Ex - because you might as well take advice from the ladies who always get their happy ending 😉 Everyone is always trying to give advice...what to eat (what the fuck are legumes?), what to wear (please stop, Mom), and now how to date... oh joy, oh rapture. :p I've … Continue reading Romance Genre Guide to Getting Over Your Ex

Review “Playing for keeps”

Ebook Review "Playing for keeps (A Neighbor from Hell Series Book 1)," by R.L. Mathewson Yay! I've found another good and cheap book series.  The "Neighbor from Hell" series is fun and most of the books are on Amazon for $0.99 each (the only thing better than good smut, is bargain priced smut). 🙂 The … Continue reading Review “Playing for keeps”

Review “Escorted”

Ebook Review - "Escorted," by Claire Kent  In "Escorted," we meet Lori, a romance novelist in her 20s with a job she needs help with - getting rid of her virginity.  She's been unlucky in love, so she's decided to hire Ander to take care of that one little issue for her. Except it's too … Continue reading Review “Escorted”

Review “Suffragette Scandal”

Ebook Review: "The Suffragette Scandal," By Courtney Milan Frederica Marshall (Free) is a bold, young woman who runs her own newspaper and fights for women's right to vote. Edward Clark is back in England to protect a childhood friend from his brother's plot to destroy a woman who spurned his advances - a woman, unlike any … Continue reading Review “Suffragette Scandal”