A Simple Favor and connection

I recently read A simple favor, a twisty thriller about the friendship of two women and the mysterious disappearance of one of them. I had a fair amount of feelings while reading this book - Unlikable characters with interesting stories to tell: I've always envied and wondered on how this can be done in my … Continue reading A Simple Favor and connection


Reading recommendations (because if I made time to read them, you know they’re good)

I don't always get to read as much as I'd like... Let me start over - if I read as much as I'd like to, I'd have little time for anything else.  (I'm pretty sure the most important things - eating, drinking, and bathroom necessities I can do with one handed while reading.)  Between school, … Continue reading Reading recommendations (because if I made time to read them, you know they’re good)

A graphic graphic novel review 

First, I should like to give a warning to people who read this blog who don't like graphic content, knew me as a child, or birthed me (Mom, this clearly means you)...you don't want to read this review. Is everyone else still with me? Okay! Sex Criminals - Volume 1, is a graphic, graphic novel … Continue reading A graphic graphic novel review 

Blankets – Graphic Novel Review

Review of "Blankets," by Craig Thompson Graphic novels are officially growing on me, and more than just dark ones like the Locke & Key series (which you should definitely check out, if you haven't already).  I recently picked up "Blankets" and was instantly hooked by the story. "Blankets" - a YA memoir of the author's … Continue reading Blankets – Graphic Novel Review

The Good Girl – Review

"The Good Girl," by Mary Kubica It happens all of the time, there's a mega-hit novel and then a ton of novels after are compared to it.  It's a tale as old as time, and inevitably it's what makes you pick up a book and, for the writers out there, possibly/hopefully/please - sells books. "The … Continue reading The Good Girl – Review

Review: The Martian (or look Mom, I read more than just smut!)

"The Martian," by Andy Weir So, I think you know that I don't usually read science or sci-fi books...closest I've come in a while was a romance novel that had a scientist in it...that kind of counts, right? :p  But since I saw the preview for "The Martian" recently, I picked the book up on a … Continue reading Review: The Martian (or look Mom, I read more than just smut!)

Locke and Key – Volumes 5 and 6

Locke and Key - the final two books:  Volume 5 "Clockworks" and Volume 6 "Alpha & Omega" Whew, I finally did it.  I finally finished my first graphic novel series.  It would have been sooner, but I couldn't bring myself to take the graphic novels with me on business trips - I was too afraid that … Continue reading Locke and Key – Volumes 5 and 6

Review – “Talk Sweetly to Me”

Book Review - "Talk Sweetly To Me (The Brothers Sinister, Book 5)," by Courtney Milan Rose Sweetly is brilliant at math and astronomy, tasked with computing comet trajectories and looking forward to seeing the transit of Venus.  Life is complicated for an intelligent and unconnected woman, but more so for Rose, because she is a … Continue reading Review – “Talk Sweetly to Me”