on restlessness

Why is it that the words that we use to describe restlessness have their origins in boats? unanchored adrift unmoored Maybe it’s because restlessness marks the start of change and the beginning of a journey. After all, you have to pull up the anchor before you can set sail.  Once you're adrift, you only have … Continue reading on restlessness

Monday grogginess

Do you ever have a dream in which you decide that the clothes you wore to bed are completely inappropriate for your dream conversation/activity? There have been several nights that I've woken up in different clothes then I went to sleep in or I wake up in the middle of searching for a better top. … Continue reading Monday grogginess

Writer Problems #2 – questions

I ask a lot of questions. Dare I say it?  I may sometimes ask too many questions.  I am most at risk of asking too many questions if: I'm interested in the topic, the person is interesting, we have an excellent banter thing going on (then I might start asking ridiculous questions because I'm enjoying … Continue reading Writer Problems #2 – questions

Thoughts on classic lit: Walden

Reading classic literature can enrich our lives.  But sometimes it's fun to sass it.  After all, life is better with sass. Walden - Summary:   Old hipster takes a sabbatical from modern life and dedicates his time to old-timey blogging of the experience.  Hates most house guests.  Good quotes and perhaps the genesis of the writer's … Continue reading Thoughts on classic lit: Walden

Random Grammar Tip #2

Grammar tips – brought to you by a random non-grammarian. We all struggle with grammar sometimes.  Texting is the most common venue for grammar fuck-ups and the worst is messing up: they're, there, and their.  I know the difference and yet sometimes quick fingers make a fool of me too. But, in case you don't … Continue reading Random Grammar Tip #2

Thoughts on classic lit: Animal Farm

Let's talk about classic lit, but not in a high brow manner.  Let's be low brow, it's so much more fun... Animal Farm - Summary:  Animals take over.   Big picture takeaway: Pigs are smart, mean, and not to be trusted.    Also: screw you, glue factory. <sob> Side note: For real though, pigs are mean...though a … Continue reading Thoughts on classic lit: Animal Farm


I love learning new words.  Sometimes, when I discover a new source/newspaper/website/author with the lovely gift of diction, I'll find myself on dictionary hunts to unearth a new word's meaning.  And yes, I know you can use context clues, but sometimes - I want to know the established meaning.  Not only because words can be … Continue reading backpfeifengesicht