I love learning new words.  Sometimes, when I discover a new source/newspaper/website/author with the lovely gift of diction, I'll find myself on dictionary hunts to unearth a new word's meaning.  And yes, I know you can use context clues, but sometimes - I want to know the established meaning.  Not only because words can be … Continue reading backpfeifengesicht


office worker confessions: just. think. kind of. weird.

In the real world, I'm in an office from 9 to 5 as a regular worker bee.  And lately, I've noticed something surprising that undermines me at work (and in life) - my word choices. Now, I'm not talking about swearing (much to my mother's chagrin, I'm sure).   I'm talking about the seemingly innocuous words … Continue reading office worker confessions: just. think. kind of. weird.

Thoughts on classic lit – Jane Eyre

And now I shall share my thoughts on classic lit, as though we were meeting up for coffee, sitting across from each other at a lightly scuffed wooden table, and chatting (loudly, because it's me) ... On Jane Eyre - Honestly, what kind of monster locks his wife in the attic for years and then … Continue reading Thoughts on classic lit – Jane Eyre

let it be and the cancer playlist

Someone I love has cancer. The night before we got the diagnosis, there was looming sense of dread.  Everything that I'd been pinning my hopes on had been ruled out.  Laying bed that night, I knew what the next day would bring.  A part of me wanted to google cancer or take a stroll into … Continue reading let it be and the cancer playlist

On presence

"Unease, anxiety, tension, stress, worry – all forms of fear – are caused by too much future, and not enough presence. Guilt, regret, resentment, grievances, sadness, bitterness, and all forms of non-forgiveness are caused by too much past, and not enough presence." - Eckhart Tolle As we finish out the first month of this new … Continue reading On presence


He tells me everyone has baggage. I am no exception.  I don't have the 5-piece matching set with little rolling wheels (I always have jokes), but I have some none-the-less. I imagine us all - commuting, walking, or hanging out with our collection of carry-ons, carryalls, and that 5-piece matching set.  Invisible luggage clogging up … Continue reading baggage


I recently learned a new word: MacGuffin.  To my writer friends: I know, I'm possibly the last writer to learn this word.  To everyone else, allow me to explain something I just learned about myself: A MacGuffin is something that moves the plot along, but by itself is not really important (or can be substituted … Continue reading MacGuffins