Sweet treats for writers

Since NaNoWriMo is around the corner, I've decided to compile a list of goodies for writers.  Feel free to add any ideas in the comments, as I'm always looking for gift ideas for my writer friends (and, if I'm completely honest, for myself). 🙂 1. Tools - I know that most people do a majority of … Continue reading Sweet treats for writers

Urge Cookies and other weird food facts

As I'm over 30 and have a job that requires me to sit on my growing posterior all day, I've decided to do that thing that most adults do over the course of their lives: DIET. <hiss, boo>   That has to be my least favorite four-letter word. Which reminds me, why haven't they come up … Continue reading Urge Cookies and other weird food facts

Office worker confessions – Food

Ah yes, food in the workplace, such a joyous thing. I'm not talking about the kind of food you bring in a bag from home or what you purchase from the vending machine. I'm talking about the free stuff...the stuff that turns us into vultures in business casual.   Food! Glorious food! 🙂 Anyway, it seems … Continue reading Office worker confessions – Food

Pasta, the only time it’s okay to eat elbows (Food Series)

I hate diets.  Although to be fair, I don't know anyone who loves them.  Because of my slowing metabolism (boo, adult life!), a sedentary lifestyle (hey, it's dangerous to write and walk!), and a widening waistline, I'm going on one. But, to make myself feel better, I've created this series - the food series - … Continue reading Pasta, the only time it’s okay to eat elbows (Food Series)

Food Series – Coca Cola

<Sigh> If there's one thing I've learned on the other side of 30, it's that I can no longer eat what I want  and suffer no consequences to my waistline. Boo.  Metabolism, why must you fail me now?  A desk job, stress, business travel, and the time suck of online grad classes have not helped … Continue reading Food Series – Coca Cola