Thoughts on classic lit – Jane Eyre

And now I shall share my thoughts on classic lit, as though we were meeting up for coffee, sitting across from each other at a lightly scuffed wooden table, and chatting (loudly, because it's me) ... On Jane Eyre - Honestly, what kind of monster locks his wife in the attic for years and then … Continue reading Thoughts on classic lit – Jane Eyre

until it’s done – quote day 3

 Sometimes, when a task is before us - the magnitude of what we've yet to accomplish can be daunting as deadlines seem to stretch far past the horizon.  I hate that feeling.   If you let it, that anxiety could surround you until you drown.  But don't let it. You are the master of how … Continue reading until it’s done – quote day 3

Nothing gets deleted on the internet – know this

Great article and something we should all remember.

Live to Write - Write to Live

I’ve recently been reminded of that all-powerful law of the internet which is: nothing gets deleted.


Careful- things could blow up in your face It could blow up in your face

Even if you delete something you’ve written, someone somewhere has probably made a copy of it, or commented on it, or referenced it somewhere else. Trust me, it’s still out there.

And don’t even get me started about backup and cached copies. Information lives on.

In some ways this can work to your benefit. You have proof that you were on one side of an argument, or that you came up with an idea first (thanks to time stamps), but (and that should really be a large “BUT”) here’s where it can bite you in the butt –  the internet is not the place to take your petty arguments and your insecurities.

Especially if you are trying to establish a writer’s platform.

Witness the Lynn Shepard…

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Underneath it all

I've been told by people in many different aspects of my life that I lack self confidence and it's true - whether it's in a business setting, with writing, or even how I look, I'm not as confident as I probably should be.  I could argue that being humble is better than being one of … Continue reading Underneath it all

Love and other four letter words

An adult friend asked once, in that sing-song voice that you use when asking a child-like question, "how do you know when you're in love?"My smart-assed, internal answer: "knowing you're in love is a lot like knowing you have to take a shit - you'll know it when you feel it.  Like something inside you, … Continue reading Love and other four letter words