The beginning

The goal of my blog is to write more often.  It doesn’t really matter what (hence the lack of specificity in my blog’s title), just that I do it.  I’m an aspiring author who has finally finished a rough draft of a novel (yay!) and is about halfway through a second.  Next year, I hope to have finalized versions of my novels posted on kindle and I also hope to enter Writer’s Digest’s Self Published ebook contest with one of them.  Even if I don’t win anything, even if no one ever reads (or likes) my stories, I’ll still be ecstatic to do this – for myself.  🙂

My love of writing – 

I’ve always loved to write, tell stories, and share myself with other people.  Sometimes I have an overwhelming sense to share or connect (although who of us that post on the internet doesn’t?) and sometimes it gets me into trouble (please don’t read this if you don’t like the occasional over-share or the liberal use of curse words, as I really do love the flavor that curse words bring to a story).

For as long as I can remember, most of my stories and projects remained unfinished and in limbo – either abandoned because I lost faith in my stories, grew to hate them, let life get in the way, or wrote myself into a corner.  I hope with more discipline and dedication, I can pull stories through the limbo that is the writing process and bring them to conclusion.

Here we go…


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