This blog is a collection of random thoughts and musings of an aspiring author with a bit of a potty mouth.

A little bit about me

You can call me Alicia or Leesha.

IMG_1896I’m a Northern girl who transplanted to the greater Washington D.C. area over ten years ago and never looked back.  I love this area – with all my other DC residents and random visitors (even if you don’t know to stay to the right on the escalators, if you plan on just standing there), museums, scenery, history, and yes, even politics.  I’m happily making a life here with my little, but loud puppy (she takes after me).

I love to read and write, most of which is done on my couch on my laptop or kindle.  That may change though, as I recently procured a fabulous old wooden desk that is just begging to be desecrated by the type of writing I aspire to do – romance writing.  😉

If you’re looking for a place to start, here are some of my favorite posts that I’ve written:

You can also check me out on twitter: @prolixme and instagram @wordilee

Books in progress

As an aspiring author, I have a few projects that I’m working to publish.  While I do have aspirations (though they’re most likely delusions) of writing a sweeping, literary novel, I primarily write romance novels/chick literature.

Novel #1

It’s taken two years, but I’ve completed the first draft of my first novel.  Like any gleeful author, I had it printed and bound.  I have a red pen ready for edits, but first I’m going to let my story breathe, while I explore another novel.

Novel #2

Yaaaaaay! I’ve done it!  I’ve finished my second novel a few weeks ahead of my deadline!  🙂  This one only took me eight months and I had a lot of fun writing it.  Unlike my first novel, which I think needs a substantial re-write, I think it’s pretty close to a final draft.  But it’s not quite perfect yet – I still need to add meat to some of the boney parts of my story and, of course, correct all those devilish typos.

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    • Hi Janice, other social media sites like tumblr and twitter have helped me to connect with a lot of people, which has been really nice. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Google+ as well, but I’ve yet to try it. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  2. Hi Leesha,
    It’s still Thursday in CA, and I’m writing you again–two Thursdays in a row. Do you have any Tumblr tips? If you do, you are welcome to write a guest post about it for me.


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