Thoughts on snow, by a small dog

  Snow is some serious bullshit. 

….ah, I’ve just been told by my person that I’ve used a bad word. 

As a dog, obviously there are no bad words. There are still rules – like no barking in my person’s face when she’s reading…or sleeping (I do it anyway though because it’s funny). But let’s get back to the topic at hand – 

Snow stinks (I’ve been told this word is okay) because anything more than three inches is level with my belly. And I don’t have to explain to you why that would be uncomfortable for me. 

But there are benefits to snow – like the baking that goes on in this apartment when snow is on the ground and my person doesn’t have to work.  There are breads, pies, and all kinds of treats I get to sample. It’s bliss, until of course we have to go outside again and more snow has accumulated in my absence.  And then it’s clear –

Snow is a mother fucker.

Okay, so apparently that word is bad too? I’m starting to wonder about my person’s vocabulary…

Anyway, wish me luck and a warm belly, friends, for winter is here and snow, she is coming…  

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