You’ll roll your eyes at the mess of my hairbrush.

I’ll curse when you forget to lower the toilet seat.

One night, we’ll go to sleep still angry and upset.

But in the morning, I’ll wake up and – you’ll be here, snoring softly into your pillow.

And it won’t be a rare treat.  It will be normal; it will be every day.

It’s strange, but I hope – we have the chance to take each other for granted.

To expect to see your smile every day.

What a wonderful thing – the chance to become used to someone.  To expect them to be there when you come home.  To no longer count the weeks until you can see them again – but the hours and minutes.

I hope we have the chance to take each other for granted…but, I hope we never do.

10 thoughts on “granted

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  2. Reblogged this on Mitch Teemley and commented:
    My Featured Blogger this week is Alicia (Leesha) of Prolixme (a self-mocking reference to her tendency to use too many words). Leesha is a serious writer who maintains three blog sites, this one being her most personal, I believe. She also writes about writing here, which I appreciate. Leesha’s other two sites focus on romance novels (her genre), or “chick lit” as she refers to them, and on children’s literature. This one is my favorite. Why? Because I enjoy Leesha’s earthy reflections and blunt self-talk (as she admits, sometimes a bit “potty-mouthed”). I suspect you will too.

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  3. It’s definitely emotional growth when you are able to rise above the day-to-day activities and realize how blessed you are to be able to take things for granted. The beautiful irony is that once you do that, you’re not taking them for granted anymore.

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  4. Hopped over from Mitch’s reblog. This one hit home. I stared at the wall after reading and had to read again. With all that’s happening on top of being an LDR, all I can think about and look forward to are days and moments just like this. Thank you.


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