Game of thrones – the season so far

It's always hard when a series is in its final throes.  There's been so much build up and time invested in the story that it can feel impossible for the ending to live up to the hype.  But I think the season has done a good job so far, we've been allowed to revel a … Continue reading Game of thrones – the season so far

Game of Thrones Mid-Season(ish) 7

Warning: Spoilers ahead...I mean, it's Friday, I've given you a lot of time to watch the episode from Sunday.  The fact that you've been able to stay away from spoilers this long while doing anything online makes you some kind of internet ninja...regardless, consider yourself warned of spoilers. We're through 4 of 7 episodes for … Continue reading Game of Thrones Mid-Season(ish) 7

Fan theories ahead of Season 7

Alright...on the glorious day of the Season Premiere, we must engage in fan-girling and fan theories. 1. The problem with with 2 extra dragons So, we know Dany's direwolf type of animal (familiar?) is a  dragon (Dragon). But who will the others form an attachment to?  I mean, it wasn't until last season that we … Continue reading Fan theories ahead of Season 7

GoT Oathbreaker Review

<Spoilers below GoT fans - you've been warned> Game of Thrones is all about giving the fans what we want this season: 1. Jon Snow alive again 2. Promise of answers on the genesis of Jon (R + L = J??) 3. Arya's eyes back 4. And... #JonSnowButt Thanks HBO and hello #JonSnowButt.  Which brings … Continue reading GoT Oathbreaker Review

The Genesis of Jon

You've been warned, spoilers and theories below. Season 6 Episode 2 gave fans (are there fans that didn't want it to happen?!) what we've wanted since leaving us with Jon Snow bleeding in the snow at the end of Season 5.  Finally! They also gave us an update for our life lessons by Game of Thrones - … Continue reading The Genesis of Jon

Of blood and snow – GoT Season 6.1 revisit

Because I'm an active reader (and viewer), I like to ponder what will happen next with characters. This happens all the time, if there's a plot mystery, I will sit and puzzle it out as though I were the writer. It's something I've always done and will probably always do. But on to what this … Continue reading Of blood and snow – GoT Season 6.1 revisit