Halloween quotable

In honor of everything that makes your skin shiver and knees quake, here's a Halloween quotable: "Where there is no imagination, there is no horror." - Arthur Conan Doyle Hopefully, that makes you feel better the next time you run to turn on the light in your dark, spooky basement or hear your blinds scratching … Continue reading Halloween quotable

Locke & Key Volume 4 – Review

Locke and Key Volume 4: Keys to the Kingdom - Review Volume 4 of the Locke and Key series starts with a kind of art tribute to one of my favorite comics of all times - Calvin and Hobbes, by Bill Watterson. But there's no cuteness about childhood adventures as with the famous Calvin and … Continue reading Locke & Key Volume 4 – Review

Hemlock Grove – Season 1 + 2 Review

Hemlock Grove - Season 1 & 2 Review Have you ever wondered what a bromance between a werewolf and a vampire would look like?  Well, look no further, because a paranormal bromance of epic proportion is alive and well on Netflix's Hemlock Grove. ...but is the show worth watching? Well....it's complicated.  Let's take it in steps … Continue reading Hemlock Grove – Season 1 + 2 Review

Bates Motel – Review

TV Series Review - Season 1, Bates Motel Let's take a moment and appreciate how creepy this picture of Norman Bates is...super creepy, right?  And I picked the least strange of the series poster type ads. Series 1 Synopsis  - Norma Bates wants a fresh start for herself and her teenage son, after her husband is … Continue reading Bates Motel – Review

iZombie Pilot – Review

While listening to Pandora at work yesterday (and trying hard not to give in to the temptation of wiggling around to beat of the music), I heard quite a few commercials for the CW's new series - iZombie...from the brains that brought you Veronica Mars (ha! the pun-ery!). (Queue the fan girl squeal)  I love … Continue reading iZombie Pilot – Review

Review – 20th Century Ghosts

Book Review: "20th century ghosts," by Joe Hill For Valentine’s day, I got the missing piece to a collection that I hadn’t even realized I had started - all of Joe Hill’s published works.  The missing piece to this...shall we call happy but accidental collection, was “20th Century Ghosts.” Like his father, Stephen King, Joe Hill is … Continue reading Review – 20th Century Ghosts

Witchy Women – American Horror Story Season 3 Review

American Horror Story - Season 3 "The Coven" Oh American Horror Story, you've restored my faith in you with the "Coven," or as I like to say, "I'm all about the witches, bitches." 🙂 "Coven" follows a small group of yes, witches (duh, it's in the name) within a secret school.  There are enemies outside the … Continue reading Witchy Women – American Horror Story Season 3 Review

Review – American Horror Story (Season 2)

TV Review - American Horror Story (Season 2, Asylum) American Horror Story Season 2, Asylum, was...interesting.  In its first season, American Horror Story had a fairly simple premise - a haunted house.  The second season takes place in an asylum with A LOT going on.  We have an aspiring journalist, troubled Nun, serial killer, a … Continue reading Review – American Horror Story (Season 2)

Locke & Key – Volume 2 Review

Graphic Novel Review: Locke & Key, Volume 2, Head Games:  By Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez (And yes, that's "head games" like the Foreigner song of the same name, so cue the music..) Ty, Kinsey, and Bode continue to settle into their new lives in Lovecraft, Massachusetts.  And they are beginning to realize that the Keyhouse, the … Continue reading Locke & Key – Volume 2 Review