Grateful Wednesday

Today I’m grateful for the natural rhythm of a new year. It can help us reevaluate and determine what we want. Resolutions may be tricky, but thinking about what is important and what you need - that is never a wasted effort. Wishing you some positive change this year. 🙂


You'll roll your eyes at the mess of my hairbrush. I'll curse when you forget to lower the toilet seat. One night, we'll go to sleep still angry and upset. But in the morning, I'll wake up and - you'll be here, snoring softly into your pillow. And it won't be a rare treat.  It … Continue reading granted

Quotable Thursday: “sometimes the bad things that happen…”

Facebook is the worst. Now, that’s true for many different reasons, but sometimes it can be good too. Like the other day, when it reminded me of a quote I posted several years ago - “Sometimes the bad things that happen in our lives put us directly on the path to the best things that … Continue reading Quotable Thursday: “sometimes the bad things that happen…”