on fear

I read once, that the things we fear the most are the things that already happened. 

But wait –

Let me back up a bit – I was never fearless. 

There are stories they would tell me when I was younger, about my carefree uncles jumping into swimming pools from rooftops (it’s true).  I was never like that.

When I dove into the waters of the unknown, it was from a more reasonable height.  But I still dove. And it wasn’t like I didn’t know the risks – those sleek, swimming predators that could lurk under the surface.  I knew they were there, I just never thought they’d come for me.

And then it happened. And everything changed. 

I know it’s true now, that your biggest fear is a thing that’s already happened.  But it’s also true that experiences can change us for the better.  They can prove to us how strong we are.  

It’s what I remind myself as I eye that next leap – when I curl my toes over the ledge and glimpse the darkest waters below.

There are risks beneath the surface. But I’ll join them – with strong legs and sharp teeth.  Whatever comes, I know I can make it through and swim to the shore.


6 thoughts on “on fear

  1. Funny you should mention water.

    We were out traveling through the Baja. It was a hot day so we decided to take a swim in the Gulf of California. I remember I swam out where it was deep. I didn’t actually know it was deep, but I could feel it. I remember anxiety got the best of me but I fought it off and kept on swimming.

    You are correct: We do make it through and in the end it’s not as bad as it seems.

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