Thoughts on classic lit – Jane Eyre

And now I shall share my thoughts on classic lit, as though we were meeting up for coffee, sitting across from each other at a lightly scuffed wooden table, and chatting (loudly, because it’s me) …

On Jane Eyre

Honestly, what kind of monster locks his wife in the attic for years and then attempts to seduce his daughter’s naive nanny? And how is he the hero to our heroine??

I mean, wtf classic lit? W.T.F.


Side note:  Regardless of your level of like for “Jane Eyre” (honestly, I’m not not a fan – I just like to be sassy), you should check out the Wide Sargasso Sea – it’s a neat concept for the backstory of the infamous woman in the attic and very enjoyable.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on classic lit – Jane Eyre

  1. Couldn’t agree more, Rochester was a total sleazebag. I’ve found that classic literature is a gold mine of problematic characters, but somehow that just makes me love the genre more.

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