Why do we educate our daughters?

Conversations in Transit Series – Post #2

I travel a lot and I’ve found that the conversations you have (or remember) in the air and on the road are sometimes the deepest and the most entertaining… Many of these stories have some basis in reality, but they are definitely fiction, as creative license has been liberally applied.  If you like this one, check out my first conversation in transit post, “To Dallas I Go.”

Why do we educate our daughters?

I shift in my seat and turn on the car, her words from years ago become a roaring echo in my mind.

      *                         *                            *                            *

“Why do we educate our daughters?”

I was at the kitchen table and labored with math problems that I believed, hated me as much as I hated them.  My answer to her question was a growl of frustration.

She slammed a hand decorated in soap bubbles against the sink and whirled around.  The noise brought my eyes up to hers.

“Why do we educate our daughters?” She pointed her soapy finger at me.

My mouth hung open, still wired for the braces that wouldn’t be removed until the end of high school, “ummmm so they can go to college?”

      *                         *                            *                            *

My hands tighten on the steering wheel of the car, loaded with only the things I could pack in the quick minutes after my life changed forever.

“Why do we educate our daughters?” I say the words and my dog lifts her head to look at me through the plastic bars of her crate.

“Why do we educate our daughters?” I repeat the words as she once did and for the first time in my life, I can appreciate a damn good reason.

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