Until being strong is the only choice you have

As a writer, I've always believed in the magic of words and as a reader, I've often felt their power.  Stories and songs have that amazing ability to break through barriers and - teach, show, remind, and reach us.  Quotes can be the distilled form of that magic - few words, with a powerful punch. … Continue reading Until being strong is the only choice you have


R is for Rubes – A to Z (WR)

For the A to Z challenge, I've been examining different types of characters from books, movies, and television. Perhaps one of the most endearing aspects of reading about a character is seeing a little bit of yourself or someone you care about within them.  It's not a Mary Sue for the reader, but in many … Continue reading R is for Rubes – A to Z (WR)

Outrunning the bitterness

Life always has its challenges.  Big and small storms that can, if you let them, turn your outlook from sweet to bitter. Divorce (my most recent storm) is definitely one of life's challenges that can be thrown your way.  But how do you stop the terrible things in life from pushing you into bitterness? Well, I'd … Continue reading Outrunning the bitterness

Quotes for hard times

I love words - obviously, I'm a reader and a writer.  But I've always loved them and recognized the power in them. But you have already discovered that for yourself.  You already know that there's nothing like listening (and singing along, in my case) to a song when you're happy/sad/nostalgic. I love singing (more accurately … Continue reading Quotes for hard times

Life and the power of words

I guess I've always loved a good story - hearing them, laughing with the storyteller, and telling them (especially the funny ones).  I've gone through long stretches of my life when I didn't write much of anything - when I would struggle to finish a scene and like many writers, I have several abandoned projects. … Continue reading Life and the power of words

Why do we educate our daughters?

Conversations in Transit Series - Post #2 I travel a lot and I've found that the conversations you have (or remember) in the air and on the road are sometimes the deepest and the most entertaining... Many of these stories have some basis in reality, but they are definitely fiction, as creative license has been liberally … Continue reading Why do we educate our daughters?

Romance Genre Guide to Getting Over Your Ex

The Romance Genre Guide to Getting Over your Ex - because you might as well take advice from the ladies who always get their happy ending 😉 Everyone is always trying to give advice...what to eat (what the fuck are legumes?), what to wear (please stop, Mom), and now how to date... oh joy, oh rapture. :p I've … Continue reading Romance Genre Guide to Getting Over Your Ex

Endings….and New Beginnings

Sometimes - I like to wax poetic, but what writer doesn't? And for a post like this, I suppose I could... I could talk about the coldness of winter - the barren branches of a once lush tree....or I could talk about the end of one year and the rising hope of change in the new … Continue reading Endings….and New Beginnings