Locke & Key – Volume 2 Review


Graphic Novel Review: Locke & Key, Volume 2, Head Games:  By Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez (And yes, that’s “head games” like the Foreigner song of the same name, so cue the music..)

Ty, Kinsey, and Bode continue to settle into their new lives in Lovecraft, Massachusetts.  And they are beginning to realize that the Keyhouse, the old house where their father and uncle grew up, is a place with hidden secrets and magic keys.

In Head Games, Bode finds the head key, which opens your mind (literally) and allows you to put in or take out whatever you want.  Ty uses the head key for studying (this would have been so convenient in college).  Kinsey uses it to get rid of her fear monster and the part of her that cries.  Side note: this part of the graphic novel really stuck with me – especially when Kinsey’s fear monster starts talking and a lot of what it says sounds like the normal and terrible fears of a teenage girl.  Of course, taking out the part of your brain that’s responsible for fear would be intensely freeing – Kinsey is euphoric and empowered afterwards… But we also know that it will be a recipe for disaster…

5 out of 5 stars for Volume 2.  Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez, you guys are officially deepening my level of nerd to graphic novel reader….and I love it.  😉

If you haven’t already seen it, check out the review for Locke & Key Volume 1.


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