Thoughts on classic lit: Walden

Reading classic literature can enrich our lives.  But sometimes it’s fun to sass it.  After all, life is better with sass.


Walden – Summary:   Old hipster takes a sabbatical from modern life and dedicates his time to old-timey blogging of the experience.  Hates most house guests.  Good quotes and perhaps the genesis of the writer’s retreat.

Big picture takeaway:  I’m jealous.

I’m kidding…kind of.

I am jealous of the idea of taking time to live a more simple life and dedicate time to thinking, being in nature, and writing.  I’m not sure I’d last as long as Thoreau did, as I do enjoy socializing with people and the comforts of modern life.  But, I think that the experience could be transformative (assuming one can last long enough without wifi and a phone).

Anyway as much as I joke, the book does have excellent nuggets of wisdom.  Like this one:

“Books are the treasured wealth of the world and the fit inheritance of generations and nations.” – Thoreau

So true, old hipster.  So true.

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