writer problems #3 – meeting your characters


So, let’s pretend you’re a writer (or if you are one, just be you) – you’ve spent months developing characters and putting them in all kinds of fun (and not fun) situations.  You’ve spent so much time at that wooden table at your local coffee place that you glare at interlopers if they dare sit in your spot.

Maybe you’ve finished a novel, maybe you’ve even – yay! – published one.  Then, one day you meet a new person.  You’re chatting with them and suddenly the hair on the back of your neck stands up.

You know this person.

You seriously know this person.  Because well, they’re scarily similar to a character you created.   <gasp!>  It’s your character!  IRL!!!

<Insert excited awkwardness here>

Yeah.  It’s strange.  And I feel like this has probably happened to many writers along the way.  But what to do when it does? Should you…

  1. Gush about your character, all of their adventures, and how this stranger is the living embodiment of a thing created from your mind (hmm..even typing it makes it sound a little intense)
  2. Run away (run away!)
  3. Continue talking with them, with that uncomfortable look on your face like you’re trying to hold in a fart
  4. Desperately avoid eye contact and spill something on yourself to create an excuse to leave (most likely choice for me)
  5. Flirt shamelessly, because well – it’s your character!  What can go wrong (probably a lot, because it is not actually your character)…

Well, whatever you do, I hope you enjoy the experience and perhaps even add  extra character detail if you still have a work in progress.  Ha! 🙂




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