First Series – Part 2

Firsts Series 

In honor of the coming one year anniversary of this blog, I’m detailing some of my firsts. 🙂

First Epic Heartbreak

Sigh.  Yes, it was bound to happen at some point, especially with how easily I fell for people back in the day.   But I digress, let’s set the stage, shall we?

It was fall semester of my sophomore year in college, and I was studying abroad in Vienna, Austria.  There were so many firsts that year (including first international flight and first European adventure), but one of the biggest was my first epic heartbreak.

I remember the first time I saw him – he seemed to stand out among the large group of American students at the Vienna train station.  He was tall, confident (chicks really do dig confidence, just like the South Park movie says :p ), and seemed to be cool while I was sweating like a pig after lugging suitcases into the train station.  And of course, he didn’t notice me at all.

But that didn’t last long. 😉 Of course, it helped that there weren’t a lot of students in the program, that we had a class together, and oh lucky me, that he ended up living next door.

I even remember when we made the leap from friends to dating… It was oh so swoon-worthy. 😉 We were studying with a group of friends – the two of us were sitting together, reading on my bed – when he reached out and barely brushed my leg with his fingertip. My heart stopped.  Two minutes later, his thumb gently slid across the side of my leg again.  I peaked at him from the corner of my eye, but he didn’t look up from reading.  Then his thumb started tracing circles on my thigh…and I reread the same word in my text-book about six times.  A slight smile tugged at his lips and I had to remind myself to breathe.  When our friends finally left the room, I may have tackled him. 😉

And of course, I remember the breakup. That bullshit line that everyone hears at one point, about how they need to work on themselves or how they need to find themselves (when, let’s face it, they really mean that they need to find themselves with someone else).   It wasn’t long before it was clear that he was with someone else and of course, I was heartbroken.

Looking back, it wasn’t all bad and I’ve certainly been through worse since. But that heartbreak helped me return to writing – I discovered a cafe close to our school that I went to everyday, where I filled a journal up with nonsense (and some sense).  I traveled, read, saw a lot of opera (hmmm, not sure all the operatic drama really helped, but at least it counts as “cultured”), made friends, and learned how to deal with a broken heart.

Most importantly, that heartbreak led me to my favorite of my Vienna stories – the first one that got away and the tale of the most romantic, non-romantic experience of my life (obviously not with the same guy)….but that is a story for next time. 😉

How about you? When was your first heartbreak?


8 thoughts on “First Series – Part 2”

  1. My first epic heartbreak happened in my senior year of high school. I was really close with a long time friend, she was also like my sister’s best friend at the time. We were both military brats and gamers and we had known each other since middle school. I had misread a lot of her social cues and thought she was into me. She wasn’t. She just wanted to be friends, but I didn’t get that.

    I unfortunately fell into the “nice guy” trap of doing things for her assuming it would get me somewhere with her. As if you could earn someone’s love. She tried to let me down gently a few times, but I persisted. It only made things really uncomfortable for her to the point that she had to tell me off. It was the week before senior prom, while I was driving her home, that she told me. She was supposed to be my date, and while she still ultimately went with me, things were said that day that caused irreparable damage to our friendship.

    The really sad thing was that she was going through a lot at the time, at school and home, and I could have been a really good friend for her. Instead I focused only on my wants and desires. We still remained friends, but we drifted apart and eventually lost touch for a long while. We’ve recently talked over everything that happened, and both of us apologized for our behaviors at the time. It gave us both a nice sense of closure, over a decade later.

    I like to look at the patterns of our lives, in retrospect. With the benefit of hindsight you can usually see how something bad could possibly work toward the good things in your life. If it weren’t for the heartbreak that I suffered just before going off to college, I wouldn’t have made friends with someone I met during my freshman year of college. He ultimately introduced me to a group of gamers, which is how I met my wife.

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    1. 😦 oh epic heartbreak.

      But you’re right – it’s funny how life works out and prepares us for later adventures down the road. For without heartbreak, how would we know how rare and special love is when it finds us again? How else would we know not to take it for granted and how to treasure it. 🙂


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