Binge TV Review – The Fall

“The Fall,” a binge watching review (thanks to the magic of Netflix)

Stella Gibson is a Metropolitan Police Superintendent, who is tasked with investigating a recent murder of a young, brunette woman in Belfast.  But it isn’t long before Stella realizes that she’s got a serial killer on her hands.

Paul Spector is a grief counsellor, a husband, a doting father…and a murderer – who first breaks into women’s apartments and then later returns to murder them.   

 Oh Netflix, have I told you lately that I love you?  But I digress, let’s talk about Gillian Anderson’s new series, “The Fall.”  

Side note: I have always been a sucker for crime/mystery genre, and have been known to binge watch Investigation Discovery – informative murder porn for those of you who watch South Park…I’ve also called it “the trust channel,” since it is so not good at helping my trust issues. :p

Anyway, the fall has everything a crime drama junkie like me loves – excellent plot, clever investigator tracking down the criminal, well developed and multidimensional characters (including the bad guy)…as well as extras I wasn’t expecting – strong female lead, social commentary, and <yay!> feminist undertones!

One more point of interest, I don’t know about you, but when I think of Gillian Anderson, I think of Scully –



 and the awesomeness of 90’s style Scully suits.  I loved the X-Files (actually, still do – I watch old episodes all the time) and there is a special place in my heart for Scully.  

So, when I first pressed play to watch “The Fall,” I expected to see awesome Scully.  Instead, I got feisty & feminist Stella Gibson.


Way different look and way different character.  But still a strong, smart, and clever woman.  

Though I do feel like when faced with the smart, take-no-bullshit, kick ass Stella Gibson even the smoking man would have fallen into line…


lol.  Sorry.  But it’s true and now Stella Gibson has a special place in my heart for kick ass feminism and all around bad assery. 

Five out of five stars, you should totally  check out “The Fall!”


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