Smutty Saturdays

Smutty Saturdaysin honor of those relaxing days when you don’t have to feel guilty about stretching out on your bed, couch, or lawn chair and can give in to the deliciousness of a naughty read.  And yes, there’s adult content in this week’s smutty quote.


This week’s selection of yummy smut is from “Rock Me,” by Cherrie Lynn.  I have an amusing story to tell you about how I first came across this series, but I’ll save it for another time.  For now, you’ll just have to be content with this amusing bit from “Rock Me:

“This was out of hand.  His cock was hard and so, so big against her belly, sliding up between their feverish bodies.  She knew in theory that he would fit inside her, but sweet Jesus, she didn’t know how.”

Heeheeheee.  I’ve said it before – but I always giggle when the heroine thinks things like that.  I also think that any mention of an incredibly large….umm asset is solid proof that men read romance novels.  So ha!  Guy who reads his girlfriend’s/wife’s romance novels secretly – we’re on to you! 🙂


7 thoughts on “Smutty Saturdays”

      1. Definitely I will. Nothing so erotique as writen on “paper” because, I can watch movie and that’s a little boring while this is something more exotic 🙂 Thanks for recomandation 🙂


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