Smutty Saturdays

What makes Saturdays better?  Well, smut of course. 🙂


Smut is generally, well, naughty.  But I do enjoy when it’s funny too.  A brave author is not afraid to throw in some humor – often at the expense of their well-loved characters.

Today’s selection of smut is from Christine Bell’s “Dirty Trick,” and proves that some bedroom talk can be silly…

“Maybe he even wanted a little dirty talk.

She swallowed hard and hoped the sound of steam whistling covered the resulting gulp.  Might as well let it rip.

“Yeah.  I want your c-” It stuck in her throat, and she tried again. “I want your big c-”  Again, she couldn’t work it past her lips.  He stared at her with a puzzled but patient smile.  “I want your cock…a doodly do…in-inside my p- lady area…business,” she expelled in a rush.

Oh God, no. What was that?”

Heeheehee! 🙂 Just practice in front of a mirror if dirty words get stuck in your throat at crunch time, that should help loosen your tongue.  :p

Happy Saturday and happy reading!!


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