Smutty Saturday

It’s that time again – others might be obsessed with sizzling bacon on a Saturday, but you…you like other things that sizzle.  Lucky for you, today is dedicated to all things hot and sizzling in romance novels –  that’s right, it’s time for Smutty Saturday. 🙂


Today’s fun smut comes from Cherrie Lynn’s “Leave me breathless,” the third book in the Ross Sibling Series.  If you haven’t read them, you should – they’re filled with everything that makes a romance novel good – great friends, interesting characters, smart dialogue, great plot, and oh yes, that thing we all love – smut. 😉

His long fingers curled around his beer bottle, when they could’ve been on her.  She watched in helpless fascination as he listed his mouth…one of the best mouths she’d ever seen.  Full, sensuous and defined, yet devastatingly masculine.  She could apply that description to every part of him, really.”  —-  From “Leave me breathless,” by Cherrie Lynn.

Did you ever notice that so many romance novel heroes have long or “artistic” fingers?  No?  Oh, you liar…

Happy reading to all! 🙂


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