Smutty Saturdays

Summer nights are always hot, but it takes a delicious romance novel to add a little extra sizzle – and for that, we can thank Smutty Saturdays. 😉


This week’s smut comes from Wallbanger (The Cocktail Series),” by Alice Clayton – a deliciously fun and funny book that you should definitely check out (stay tuned for my review).  And now…for smut!

“He hissed slightly and smiled. “You’re going to break me, you know this, right?  I swear on all that’s holy, I’m not a machine – Christ, don’t stop doing that.”  He groaned, thrusting into my hand without thought. 

“Ah, break schmake. I just want to fuck you until you can’t see straight,” I purred, tightening my fist as he splashed water over the side a bit. 

“I can barely see as it is. There seem to be three of you.” He moaned, pulling my legs apart and positioning me above him.

“Aim for the one in the middle, Simon,” I instructed and slid down. 

Hehehe. This book really delivers on the fun and smart ass dialogue (which you know I enjoy).

Enjoy the weekend, all of you readers….and enjoy the sizzle. 😉


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