Smutty Saturdays

Oh how I love Saturdays, especially when they’re filled with smut. 🙂


This delicious sampling of smut is from Courtney Milan’s “Suffragette Scandal.”

“You keep acting as if I will break.” She smiled up at him.  “Here’s a secret.”

He dropped his head to hers. 

“I plan to do just that,” she whispered.  “To break into pieces, and I insist on having your help getting there.”

It was too much for him.  He took hold of her hips and slid all the way in, seating himself deep inside her.  She made a noise deep in her throat, and he was lost…”

There, now isn’t your day so much better already?  Check out Courtney Milan’s “Suffragette Scandal” and all of the books in the Brothers Sinister Series – they are all excellent reads! 🙂

Happy Saturday and happy reading! 🙂


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