Lottery’s Permission To Dream


Just before leaving for work, a coworker reminded me to buy a lottery ticket – you see, because the jackpot tonight is huge.

I work in numbers, so both my co-workers and I know the astronomical odds of actually winning (I think your odds are better for being struck by lightening….twice).  And yet, we played a game I haven’t played since learning the Spanish subjunctive clause in high school – “if I won the lottery, I would…”  🙂

Any other day, waxing poetically about what you would do with a million (or more) dollars is overly silly for most adults.  And yet, when the jackpot is large enough, the lottery gives us permission for these fun, child-like dreams.

Hmmmm…what would I do if I were to win the jackpot?  I’d donate a good amount to charities and scholarship funds, take my co-workers out to a fancy steak dinner (we came up with a “gentlemen’s agreement” for this before we left for the day), give a good amount to family & friends, travel, lobby Congress in a fabulous pantsuit for positive social change (like paid maternity/paternity/adoptive parental leave in the U.S.), buy a house with lots of land for dogs and horses…and of course, buy my dog that diamond doggie collar she so deserves. 🙂  Though I don’t really need to win the lottery to do some of those…at least in moderation.  But it’s always fun to imagine what to do if I won…and hey, the dream only costs a $2 ticket.  Wish me luck 😉

What would you do if you won the lottery?


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