Locke and Key – Volume 3

Graphic Novel Review: Locke & Key Volume 3 – Crown of Shadows

Locke+and+Key+Vol.+3-+Crown+of+ShadowsTy, Kinsey, and Bode return in Locke & Key’s third installment – Crown of Shadows.  While their mom continues to struggle to come to terms with the brutal massacre that caused them to move to the Keyhouse, the Locke kids meet new people, get into trouble, and kick some serious ass.

Kinsey, now free of the parts of her that are responsible for fear and negative self image, makes two new friends….and then proves why a little bit of fear is a good thing when she nearly gets them all killed in a cave by the water.  Bode helps find two new keys while being ridiculously cute.  And Ty continues on that great rite of passage known as flirting terribly with your crush. (Ah high school, I do not miss you at all.)

Also Dodge…. dude. It’s not enough that he’s some kind of undead classmate of their father’s, secretly terrorizing them (while pretending to be their friend), and searching for the rest of the magical keys (one of which he uses to unleash creepy shadow monsters on the Locke kids)…he is also trying to romance Kinsey.  To which I must respond with a quote from Archer Vice – “damn dog, inappropes.” :p

Five out of five stars for Volume 3 – it did an excellent job of continuing the story, ratcheting up the tension, and deepening character detail, all with spectacular art, dialogue, and plot.  I’m hoping that I get more backstory on Dodge and Rendell Locke in the later books, as well as on the guy who forged the keys way back in the day. So curious!


6 thoughts on “Locke and Key – Volume 3”

  1. I can wait for you o hit volume 5. So much gets explained. The next volume should be interested. It was very experimental from what I remember. Glad your enjoying it all so far!

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