All Hallows’ Eve…of NaNoWriMo

Today, people will dress up in all kinds of costumes and go to parties and/or get free candy.  But writers... Well, writers embarking on the adventure known as NaNoWriMo will eye the clock, fingers will be poised over keyboards or over a well-loved notebook, waiting - Waiting for that month that embodies both a writer's … Continue reading All Hallows’ Eve…of NaNoWriMo

Characters and the writers who torment them

As writers, we do terrible things to our characters over the course of short stories and novels - we throw obstacles in their paths, send them after serial killers, break their hearts, introduce them to their arch-nemesis, strand them in foreign lands, and make them flirt with disaster. Often when I'm in the middle of a story and … Continue reading Characters and the writers who torment them

Motivation from “Jaws”

How the story behind the making of "Jaws" can motivate you through a hard (re)write (or really anything) It's Shark Week and I love "Jaws," (I re-watched "Jaws" and "Jaws - the inside story," so I'm a happy camper), so it's a shark related post today. 🙂 Gasp!  Can you hear the theme music? ~~^~~ (that's … Continue reading Motivation from “Jaws”

Writer’s Conference Bound

I'm currently en route to the Writer's Digest Conference in NYC (yay for free wifi on the fancy bus!) and taking a chance on becoming  of a proper writer (and by proper, I mean published, not actually acting in a proper manner. :p).  Though don't get me wrong, I've no illusions about magically winning over an … Continue reading Writer’s Conference Bound

Just how bad should characters be?

All characters, like people, should have elements of good and bad. The best of all villains (adult books) are those who start off good (either actually good or tricking us into thinking they are) and those who have good motivations for being bad. Too much bad and you can end up with melodrama or worse, … Continue reading Just how bad should characters be?