Writer’s Conference Bound

I’m currently en route to the Writer’s Digest Conference in NYC (yay for free wifi on the fancy bus!) and taking a chance on becoming  of a proper writer (and by proper, I mean published, not actually acting in a proper manner. :p).  Though don’t get me wrong, I’ve no illusions about magically winning over an agent or editor (locking eyes from across the room and knowing we are meant to make beautiful literature together) at the conference.

But, I do hope to meet new writing friends and also to learn more about all of those complicated things authors need to have a handle on after they’ve completed their final draft – self marketing, self-publishing, the pros/cons of agents, and whether or not to go the traditional publishing route… And also to stay in a neat old hotel in NYC, see a show, hopefully visit the Met or the NY public library, and of course,  get my Saturday night drink coupon.  :p

Wish me luck! 🙂


15 thoughts on “Writer’s Conference Bound”

  1. Woo Hoo! That’s so awesome, Alicia! Do you get to NYC very often? If not, I hope you’ll check out John’s PIzza and then Rocco’s for dessert, both on Bleecker Street in Greenwich. YUM! I hope you have a magnificent time at the conference and you make loads of literary contacts who will help you get published! Good luck and have a safe trip! ❤ 😀


    1. Oh thanks! I will try to check them out while I’m here. I used to go to NYC a lot when I was a kid (and lived in CT). Now that I’m in VA, I make it up here once every few years.


      1. At Johns, the line is usually out the door, but the wait isn’t as bad as it looks and their brick oven pizza is AMAZING! Roccos might have food as well, but I only ever go for the desserts. Plus it’s a nice short walk between the two, but it is so scenic and beautiful there, you can take in all the atmospheric culture while you stroll. Have fun! 😀


  2. “locking eyes from across the room and knowing we are meant to make beautiful literature together” – ahaha, that was a wonderful line!
    Good luck, and hope you have an awesome weekend! 😉


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