Just how bad should characters be?

All characters, like people, should have elements of good and bad. The best of all villains (adult books) are those who start off good (either actually good or tricking us into thinking they are) and those who have good motivations for being bad.

Too much bad and you can end up with melodrama or worse, a cardboard cutout that causes readers to roll their eyes. Now, that is something that we all dread.

But what fun is it if only the bad guys are…well, bad?

There are many people who prefer their hero or heroine to be perfect (or nearly), and there is a market for that. It is the same market that always makes me think of sunshine, sparkles, and ponies. Don’t get me wrong, that world is lovely, that world is fine, I even visit those books sometimes….

…..all that said, I don’t know about you, but I don’t live there. More than that, I don’t want to live there. Is it any surprise that I don’t want to write there either?

I like my hero and heroine to have flaws. I love it when they are impure and imperfect, it makes them more real….more relatable.

If the novels that I’ve read lately are anywhere near a microcosm of the industry, many readers must agree with me.

I’ll end this with a simple statement: Give me bad any day, but be sure to make it good. 😉


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