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Review: “The Perfect Hope”

Book Review: “The Perfect Hope,” By Nora Roberts

imageThe Perfect Hope,” is the final book in the Inn Boonsboro trilogy by Nora Roberts.  Earlier in this series, Hope Beaumont relocated from her life in Washington D.C. to the small town of Boonsboro.  In Washington D.C., she managed a swanky hotel and was on the arm of the hotel owner’s son, Jonathan.  But her “charmed” life comes crashing down around her, when Jonathan reveals that he’s engaged to someone else.

Pride broken and heart bruised, Hope moves to Boonsboro to become the innkeeper at the Montgomery family’s new inn.  She loves her new job and gets along with nearly everyone (including the inn’s resident ghost)…everyone except Ryder Montgomery.

Ryder may be swoon-worthy, but he hardly ever talks to Hope and never refers to her by name, instead calling her “the innkeeper.”  Behind her back, he sometimes calls her “the perfect Hope.”

In Ryder’s eyes, Hope is annoyingly perfect – smart, very hardworking, and incredibly beautiful.  The annoying perfection and assumption that she’s a snotty city girl, make this strong, silent type avoid Hope.

The inn’s ghost won’t let Ryder avoid Hope forever and plays sneaky matchmaker with the two.  She locks them in rooms together, locks Hope out of the inn, and wreaks havoc with the inn’s electrical wiring – pushing the two to admit the sizzling attraction that they’ve been avoiding since book one.  But is it just attraction…or something more?

I loved so much about this series – a playful and helpful ghost who is waiting for her lost love, vivid heroes and heroines, rambunctious kids, loyal dogs, great story lines, and fixing up old buildings.  This whole series rates a five out of five stars, even though it now has me dreaming about restoring an old house.  🙂

By the way, if you didn’t already know, Nora Roberts actually owns a bed & breakfast like the one in the series and is located in the real Boonsboro, Maryland.  I’m really tempted to go after reading the series.  Hmmm, it’s only a short drive from the greater DC area….road trip? 🙂