There was a time in my life (which, to be honest - sometimes feels like a different lifetime), when I watched a lot of TV. Really, it was entirely too much TV. But I digress... Anyway, during this time, I watched this one-off episode on NatGeo or the History Channel on parallel universes. And at the … Continue reading parallels


Gone awry

Have you ever felt like your life was supposed to be different than this? Well, you're not alone.  When I was in college, I had a plan - I'd get married in my mid-twenties, have a job that made a difference in the world/that helped people,  first baby by 28, traditionally published novel at 30, … Continue reading Gone awry

Just where you are – Quotes Day 2

Today's quote is from  Pema Chödrön, who has written truly inspirational and moving books.  If you haven't heard of her, or her very wise words, be sure to check her out. During the hard times in my life, I often turn to quotes for inspiration, motivation, and sometimes solace.  This quote is especially moving for … Continue reading Just where you are – Quotes Day 2

Quotable Thursdays – Fly

Between starting grad school and some intense travel for work, I'm a bit of a bad blogger this week - only posting my Quotable Thursday post.  Sorry. 😦 But it's a good quote! For so much of my adult life, I've been timid with my choices.  My ex used to complain about how I had … Continue reading Quotable Thursdays – Fly