I spy my toes mid-stretch in downward-facing-dog.  I stick my tailbone out slightly and give in to a deeper stretch.  Usually, at this point, I'd close my eyes and exhale.  Though I can't stop the breath releasing through my lips, my eyes remain open. I look down at my toes. They are like my grandmother's … Continue reading Grandma


Book buffets

Before I was a writer, I was a reader...a voracious one, in fact.  Some of the credit for this goes to my mom and dad, who would read to me and with me as a child.  My mom was particularly sneaky in getting me started on my path to reading - she'd extend my bedtime … Continue reading Book buffets

On revising books for certain readers…

I recently came across an article in the New York Times,  which talked about many non-fiction authors revising and removing content from their works to make it more palatable for younger readers. Let me say, I understand the concept of protecting children, really I do.  But, I am strongly against watering down or censoring novels … Continue reading On revising books for certain readers…

Reading and writing smut in public

On the hazards of reading and writing romance I've recently become open about reading romance novels to more than just the friends that giggle with me in the romance section of various book stores, and more than that - I've become open about the fact that I like to write this genre. Reading romance novels … Continue reading Reading and writing smut in public