To sir, with love

Return of the summer music series - stuck in the car with Leesha Summer has returned, and with it comes those long road trips accompanied by "are we there yet?" and "do we have to listen to this song?"  Or in my case, scream-singing lyrics (with lots of solos), discussing the meaning of songs, and … Continue reading To sir, with love


Summer Music Series VI

Alright, alright.  Summer is almost over, but not quite yet.  Some kids may have started school (my grad school classes are going into their 3rd week, ugh), but everyone knows that summer is not officially over until the last night of Labor Day weekend. So let's go on a drive, crew.  It's still warm enough … Continue reading Summer Music Series VI

Summer Music Series IV

   I love driving around with music blaring, singing along (loudly), and telling stories. It's what makes long road trips so much more bearable (than the alternative of long stretches of weird silence).  This one song always makes me think of babies, well the artist did write it after the birth of his daughter, and … Continue reading Summer Music Series IV

Stuck in the car with Leesha (Summer Music Series III)

Summer is the season for long car trips and if you're traveling anywhere with me, you can be sure of singing...and talking about memories (or trivia) associated with songs. "I Just Called To Say I Love You" - written and performed by Stevie Wonder Late one night when I was a young kid, our telephone … Continue reading Stuck in the car with Leesha (Summer Music Series III)