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Things to do while awaiting GOT

Winter is here…well, almost anyway.  And what’s a fan to do whilst counting down the hours until the Game of Thrones Season 7 Premiere?  Here’s a short list of what a girl has been doing and still plans to do:

1. Ask friends, family, random strangers if they’re fans, because you have this strange compulsion to talk about fan theories… Upon finding fellow fans, squeal with excitement and engage in fan-girling/fan-boying for the next hour and a half.

2. Find fan theory articles and podcasts to comfort you in the long hours before hearing your fav theme music.  Then, realize that there’s a whole Wiki fan page  (whaaaaaaat? how is this possible?!?) and do a deep dive into glorious back stories and fan-dom articles.

3. Re-watch the last season to get yourself amped up for the premier

4. Possibly watch more than one season and get all misty-eyed again when your old favs die.

Sigh, Rob you should never go to an ex’s wedding..

5. Venture outside to find cool Game of Thrones fan-dom activities by you.  (There’s a GOT pop-up bar that a girl must find.) And search for some GOT merch that you don’t have already..or just take pictures of it.


6. Start slipping in GOT quotes into work conversations to suss out any other fans for potential, gleeful fan-girling/fan-boying

7. Realize there’s still a few days left until the premiere and that this season will be shorter than the rest….