The Hallway pooper

And now, for a snow-time adventure story with Bella, the loyal cat-dog: so named for her sassiness and penchant for "bitch, please" stare-downs. This, this here - is a picture of my dog's nightmare - a winter wonderland bathroom. The cold, the ice, the snow, and that weird salt that my apartment people put down … Continue reading The Hallway pooper

Thoughts on snow, by a small dog

  Snow is some serious bullshit.  ....ah, I've just been told by my person that I've used a bad word.  As a dog, obviously there are no bad words. There are still rules - like no barking in my person's face when she's reading...or sleeping (I do it anyway though because it's funny). But let's get … Continue reading Thoughts on snow, by a small dog

In the middle of the night

My dog, Bella, is an interesting character. We call her the cat-dog, for the bit of sassiness that goes along with her doggie sweetness. After I left my ex-husband, I moved in with my sister and her husband for a short time, to help me get on my feet.  Because I was newly separated and … Continue reading In the middle of the night

Two words

Life with Bella, the cat-dog It's been awhile since I've done a post on Bella, my intrepid four-legged companion, nicknamed the cat-dog for the snark that often accompanies her doggie playfulness... I'm convinced that if my dog could say one word (probably over and over again), it would be - "please." If she could say … Continue reading Two words

Life With Bella – Transportation

Musings on life, by Bella - the cat-ish dog Bella on transportation, also known as how to carry a bitch Because of my delicate size and extreme cuteness, people often want to carry me around.  But don't be too jealous, sometimes it's a bit of a hassle as many people don't know how to properly … Continue reading Life With Bella – Transportation

Arguments for eating at the table, by Bella

Musings on life by Bella, the cat-dog (so named for the snark to go with the tail wagging) I do have to warn you, this post is in fact, very, very, silly...I blame the three-day weekend.  :p Arguments on eating at the table, by Bella: People, it is extremely wrong (not to mention rude), the … Continue reading Arguments for eating at the table, by Bella

Thoughts on Hygiene, By Bella

Musings on life by Bella (the cat-dog, so nicknamed for her doggie nature and cat-like snark) Sunday was traumatic, as it was marked by the inconsistently timed ritual known as grooming.  If my human were better at planning, perhaps I would be able to prepare or foil her attempts at grooming me.  But sadly, the … Continue reading Thoughts on Hygiene, By Bella

Thoughts on Shark Week, With Bella

On life with Bella, the cat-dog (so named for the snark to go along with the tail-wagging) Bella on Shark Week: The best thing we learned from "Shark Week" was that Sharks can go into tonic immobility. What's tonic immobility?  Here let me demonstrate: I call this trick #5 (after speak, sit, down, and roll over), which … Continue reading Thoughts on Shark Week, With Bella

Musings on Life, with Bella

Posts on life by Bella (the dog)  Most dogs look at life with a wagging tale and slobbering kisses.  Bella has that doggie disposition - as well as a perspective and personality all her own.  My sister nicknamed her the cat-dog, for her sometimes snarky behavior that balances out her playful sweetness.  She's a great dog and … Continue reading Musings on Life, with Bella