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Food Series – Coca Cola

<Sigh> If there’s one thing I’ve learned on the other side of 30, it’s that I can no longer eat what I want  and suffer no consequences to my waistline. Boo.  Metabolism, why must you fail me now?  A desk job, stress, business travel, and the time suck of online grad classes have not helped at all.  Not to mention that I’m a huge foodie.  You know those people who say they get so busy at work that they forget lunch?  Yeah…I never forget meals – I look forward to them – and I get supremely cranky/hangry when I miss them.

What’s this all mean?  Diet time for me.

Snorgtees http://www.snorgtees.com/lettuce-the-taste-of-sadness
Image credit: Snorgtees http://www.snorgtees.com/lettuce-the-taste-of-sadness

Boo.  Let’s be honest, lettuce really is the taste of sadness.

But since I’m cutting down on a bunch of bad foods, I’ve decided to pay homage to them in my new food series…perhaps if I wax poetic about them, I won’t miss them so much.

I guess I should start with Coca Cola…

image credit: @prolixme and Enlight app

Coke, don’t be coy – you know you’re my stomach’s soulmate.

That’s right, I drink Coke – not diet, zero, lite, what have you – I drink pure, unadulterated, glorious coke.

And for my diet, I shall be giving it up for…..hmm well, not completely.

Coke is like the bad boy in my life.  I know he’s no good for me.  He’s trouble.  I’ve given him up so many times.  I’ve gone months without him and I think I’m over it.

But then –

Then, I see him somewhere – with that beautiful red glow – and I tell myself, I deserve it. I’ve had a bad month/week/day/hour…darn, I think maybe I stubbed my toe a few steps back?  And so, I deserve to indulge myself in this one lovely little vice I have.

I pop the top and gulp down a little taste of heaven.

Sure, I might hate myself later for it…and remind myself that I could’ve had the more responsible iced tea or water.  But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t completely enjoy it.

<Sigh> But for my health and waistline, I’ll be slowly phasing coke out of my life.   I’ll start with one a week  – except on business trips, because I don’t drink coffee (I’ll limit myself to 3 cokes per week at first.  Because hey man, business travel is really rough) and cut down from there.

I’ll also try to change my indulgence to Coke Life (made with stevia and sugar for a few less calories), Coke Zero (meh), and Diet Coke (made with tears).

Oh coke, I already miss you.

Do you drink soda?