NaNoWriMo – Keeping motivation with a writer’s group

Keeping motivation with a writer's group Before last year, I had a history of starting novels, writing intensely for awhile, and then, allowing a road block in my novel to derail the entire story.  For all of these projects, I would start off loving my story idea and after a few months of struggling, I … Continue reading NaNoWriMo – Keeping motivation with a writer’s group


NaNoWriMo – humble writer struggling against the numbers

I don't know about you, but my writing pace is slow.  Now, I can run my mouth off discussing topics on nearly anything, but sit me down to write a novel (outlined or not) and my pace becomes glacial. Why? Even when I know where I want to go, can see my character frolicking around … Continue reading NaNoWriMo – humble writer struggling against the numbers

Review: “Instant Attraction”

Ebook Review "Instant Attraction," by Jill Shalvis In "Instant Attraction," Katie accepts a job as a temporary accountant/office manager for Wilder Adventures in Wishful, California, after surviving a terrible accident and promising herself to be more adventurous.  Wishful is a small mountain town in the middle of Sierras and far from her life in L.A. … Continue reading Review: “Instant Attraction”

Review: “Heart-Shaped Box”

Ebook Review: "Heart-Shaped Box" By Joe Hill In "Heart-Shaped Box," retired rocker Judas Coyne keeps a collection of oddities and occult artifacts.  Tempted by a post on an online bidding site, Judas purchases a ghost and the dead man's suit.  The suit is delivered in a heart-shaped box and the ghost turns up, bringing with … Continue reading Review: “Heart-Shaped Box”

Review: “Gingerbread Man”

Ebook Review: "Gingerbread man" By: Maggie Shayne Run, run as fast as you can.  You can't catch me, I'm ...  yep, that's right, the "Gingerbread man." The "Gingerbread man" is a romantic mystery/thriller and despite the silliness of the title, I downloaded it for a modest $0.99 because 1) it is Halloween, the time for … Continue reading Review: “Gingerbread Man”

“Little Red Writing”

Cute book review: "Little Red Writing," by Joan Holub and pictures by Melissa Sweet (This book is obviously not my usual, but it was so cute that I couldn't resist...) I'm sure that many writers have, at one point in their life, perused the many books or articles that attempt to tell us how to … Continue reading “Little Red Writing”

Review: “Black Hills”

Book Review: "Black Hills" By: Nora Roberts "Black Hills" is a mystery/romance novel that follows the story of Lil and Coop.  The two meet as children, when Coop's parents send him to visit his grandparents in South Dakota, while they jet off to Italy to save their shattering marriage.  Coop, sad and upset at his … Continue reading Review: “Black Hills”

Review: “Beg (Songs of Submission)”

E-book review of "Beg (Songs of Submission)" by: CD Reiss If you couldn't tell by the title or the cover art, "Beg" (about 100 pages) is the first in an erotic novella series.  It is the story of Monica, a struggling/aspiring singer, and the multi-millionaire, Jonathan (I know, I know.  But if we discounted every … Continue reading Review: “Beg (Songs of Submission)”

“Mirrorlight (Once Upon a Time-Travel)”

E-book review: "Mirrorlight (Once Upon a Time-Travel)" By: Jill Myles "Mirrorlight" is a romantic short story about Cora, who is asked to babysit an old castle in England.  When a mysterious man begins to appear on the other side of a mirror, Cora becomes determined to learn more about him and how to get him … Continue reading “Mirrorlight (Once Upon a Time-Travel)”