Review: The Martian (or look Mom, I read more than just smut!)

"The Martian," by Andy Weir So, I think you know that I don't usually read science or sci-fi books...closest I've come in a while was a romance novel that had a scientist in it...that kind of counts, right? :p  But since I saw the preview for "The Martian" recently, I picked the book up on a … Continue reading Review: The Martian (or look Mom, I read more than just smut!)

Review – “Talk Sweetly to Me”

Book Review - "Talk Sweetly To Me (The Brothers Sinister, Book 5)," by Courtney Milan Rose Sweetly is brilliant at math and astronomy, tasked with computing comet trajectories and looking forward to seeing the transit of Venus.  Life is complicated for an intelligent and unconnected woman, but more so for Rose, because she is a … Continue reading Review – “Talk Sweetly to Me”

Slaughterhouse five – Review

Banned Book Review - "Slaughterhouse five, or The Children's Crusade: A Duty-Dance with Death" Earlier this year, I decided to participate in the Banned Books Challenge to broaden my horizons and read so many of the books that I've always meant to read. I started the year with "The Things They Carried," a collection of short … Continue reading Slaughterhouse five – Review

daytripper – graphic novel review

Review of Graphic Novel - "Daytripper," by: Fábio Moon & Gabriel Bá "Daytripper" was my first experience with a graphic novel that isn't superhero or thriller based.  I found it trolling along in my local library's small graphic novel section and was surprised that there are more literary (what I often refer to as "high … Continue reading daytripper – graphic novel review

Review – 20th Century Ghosts

Book Review: "20th century ghosts," by Joe Hill For Valentine’s day, I got the missing piece to a collection that I hadn’t even realized I had started - all of Joe Hill’s published works.  The missing piece to this...shall we call happy but accidental collection, was “20th Century Ghosts.” Like his father, Stephen King, Joe Hill is … Continue reading Review – 20th Century Ghosts

Guest Post from the Bookish Mouse

Yay for Guest Posts!  This post is from my best friend, Marisa, at the Bookish Mouse.  Marisa gives the most enjoyable (and often smutty) book recommendations ever.  We have also been known to giggle (and perhaps cackle) in the aisles of major bookstores. I also like to play a game  in B&N (much to Marisa's chagrin) called, … Continue reading Guest Post from the Bookish Mouse

Banned Review “The Things They Carried”

Book Review:  "They Things They Carried" You can probably tell from my blog, but I don't usually read the more serious books.  The type of books I usually read - romance, mysteries, thrillers - are like cotton candy for my brain.  They may not be nutritious, but I can't stop myself from gobbling them up. … Continue reading Banned Review “The Things They Carried”