Books In Progress

As an aspiring author, I have a few projects that I’m working to publish.  While I do have aspirations (though they’re most likely delusions) of writing a sweeping, literary novel, I primarily write romance novels/chick literature.

Novel #1

It’s taken two years, but I’ve completed the first draft of my first novel.  Like any gleeful author, I had it printed and bound.  I have a red pen ready for edits, but first I’m going to let my story breathe, while I explore another novel.

Novel #2

Yaaaaaay! I’ve done it!  I’ve finished my second novel a few weeks ahead of my deadline!  🙂  This one only took me eight months and I had a lot of fun writing it.  Unlike my first novel, which I think needs a substantial re-write, I think it’s pretty close to a final draft.  But it’s not quite perfect yet – I still need to add meat to some of the boney parts of my story and, of course, correct all those devilish typos.

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